Introduction Meeting - It all starts with a call or face-to-face meeting to discuss your trip.  The more we learn...the faster we can focus in...and get into the groove of planning your "epic" trip.  

Destination Research - Don't know where to go?  No worries.  Often we need to work with you on where to go - sometimes you know exactly where you want to go and we can get right to work on the next step which is Itinerary Creation.  Often time of year and time to get to a destination impacts where you should go and we are here to guide you.  

Itinerary Creation - Starts with mapping out your trip on a Trip Calendar - factoring in the ideal pace - rest days - active days - travel days - just the right combination for what you have in mind.  The logistics have to work and a visual guide is most helpful.  You'll receive updated Trip Calendars throughout the planning and a final Trip Calendar attached to your digital itinerary.  

Booking Management:  

  • Flights
    • Quotes
    • Frequent Flyer Redemptions
    • Private Charters
  • Villas, Condos & Hotels - quotes & bookings
  • Private Tours - a great guide is key to having a great tour (we're picky about our guides)
  • Transfers - nothing better than someone with a sign, with your name, to wisk you to your hotel, cruise ship, villa or yacht
  • Dining Plans
  • Car Rental, Train, Events Arrangements
  • Yacht Charters - Day & Weekly
  • Insurance

Umapped Itinerary - We work with e-digital itineraries - on your iphones & ipads - so easy to access your trips. 

Tracking Trips - We track your trip from start to finish.  We know when you depart and when you return. 

Post Trip Follow Up - We'll be in touch for your input - we're always learning and your input is key to tweaking your future trips to make them even better.  And we'll talk about your next trip.

On To the Next Trip - We work on Lifetime Travel Plans with our clients.